This was a great project to work on as PEC needed a brand management approach to their Logo, through competitive research we discovered that in the field of programme management there was set batch of colours that where used and therefore we broke away from those colours to create some differenciation. The Logo and Slogan was inspired by the fact that the company has been doing project managemnent for many years and has solid experience in this field. The thought for the logo was seeing a way out of the forest and the mountain which represents a solid foundation.

Programme Enablement Consultants offers the following:

  • Design and implementation of a project office
  • Project, Programme and Portfolio administration and management
  • Business Analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Testing, Test planning and management
  • Implementation and Post-implementation support
  • Change management
  • Restructuring, including the psychological support of staff
  • Turnaround service
  • Events management
  • Product launches

For further information their services check out their Linkedin page form the link below.

Gatetec Brand