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Huisman Creative Why? is Why? so important in Advertising

So Why? is Why? so Important....

People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe” Simon Sinek

Growing up I was that Why? child everything was a Why? question from the reason for crossing the Lego bricks when building a house, to when building a BMX ramp could I not use a 5 brick row high BMX ramp instead of a 4 row.

Well I can safely say those questions where answered in either a good or bad way.

Fast forward years later and I find myself still asking this question, I ask it because it is a crucial question in both life and my career as an advertiser/creative. Even as I write this post I am thinking Why? am I doing it and at the same time learning more about what I need to do more of as a business.

I really hope this article provide some valuable thought on the subject, blogging is very new to me it scares me actually but I am passionate about creativity, brands and also love to share and engage.

Simon Sinek explained his concept of Why? so well in his 2011 Tedx talk from an enterpreneurial leader perspective I was very much inspired by what he said.
For those who have never seen the talk, click here

But I thought let us bring it a little closer to the home and relate it more to advertising.

Here are 4 reasons I feel that this little question is so important to an advertising project.

It motivates the need for the project

If a project does not have a need to exist, then it should not. Asking Why? and knowing your reason for needing to do a specific advertising project gives the project purpose.

Why am I running this campaign? to create awareness of my useful product and encourage engagement.

Opens the door to your project channel and strategy

Asking Why? orientates the project, it sets the How? and What? in place, in other words it gives you a better idea of which advertising channels would best suite both as a tool to spread the message and to reach the correct people.

The campaign may get better engagement on social media than another advertising channel or vice versa

Adds value to your project

Asking Why? as mentioned above gives direction and when you have a guide and goal for your advertising activity your project has a value. Even though there is a cost involved still the fact that there is an expected outcome over time brings in value in the form of Return on Investment. This value can either be in the form of new clients / leads or monetary form.

Last but certainly not least, in fact this is something that rates high on importance and takes work (something I am still working on too) but it is so worth it.

Your target market / audience also asks why?

It's a crazy scary thought and probably one of the most difficult things to navigate understanding your target / audience inside and out.

The big reason I find this point so important is because they are also asking Why?, how about "Why? should we use this brand when this brand does this?" consumers want to align themselves with brands that they can connect with. Consumers want to understand what they buying or getting themselves into, helping them understand this also builds trust.

"If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to a brand" - Howard Shultz

"Know thyself. Know the customer. Innovate." – Beth Comstock

In conclusion I really think the above two quotes some up the importance of why? so well. Once you understand your reasoning for doing something, you can start to align this with people that will find value in it.

I would really love to hear your thoughts on this subject to, please email me and let's engage further.

Posted in Business of Brand and Strategy on Jul 07, 2020