Huisman Creative is a multi-disciplined after hours freelance design studio started by Jason Huisman.


From an early age I have enjoyed creating, whether drawing or building Lego, this was later confirmed in my teenage years with the continuous sketching of band logo's and CD cover artworks, on any piece of paper I could find. This passion that still lies with me today, I love music!.

My passion led me to Art and Design studies where I developed a deeper understanding for both Graphic Art and Illustrating. My design career officially started in 1998 way back when google was just starting to get popular, I still remember the original google logo and thinking, well this is different!. As my career continued I studied Advertising adding to my knowledge of the creative process. My interest in adverts, brand strategy and media planning was thus solidified further.

My inspiration includes designs that came out of the 50s - 70's. I enjoy textures and am especially inspired by the Pop Art era with the bright colours and halftoning used by Roy Lichtenstein. These, along with an interest in Sci-fi and the old posters, play a great part in the way I design. I am fascinated by poster design, and would like to see Huisman Creative doing more of these, especially for festivals and bands on top of the more commercial advertising.


The message of Huisman Creative is simple #IdeasTakingToTheSky, never fearing to try something new, being bold and freeing that concept, that there is never really a bad idea but an idea that can always be worked on further, an idea that inspires another idea, its about giving creativity wings in both a fun or more conservative way. The strong Space theme thoughout is inspired by your brand and taking it places, exploring those new frontiers.


Print Design and Illustration
Digital Design
Media + Creative Strategy
- Web design
- Poster and Fine Giclee Prints
- Brochures
- Full size product catalogues
- Digital Mailers
- Calendars
- Logo Design and Stationery
- CD + Sleeve Design
- Sourcing the most relevant advertising channels aimed at your specific campaign needs

As at August 2018 the Huisman Creative Studio is celebrating a year and a half of creativity. Having a day position it has been exciting to discover my way of doing things as an after hours small business, meeting and building relationships with other small, medium businesses. In the next year I would be pleased to see the studio grow even further.

This creative adventure is far from over and we would love an opportunity to work with you on a project.